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Rookies Division Overview

Ages: 6-8

VP: Kayla Shindle  Email: [email protected]

Objective: The primary purpose of the Rookies program is for children to learn Softball fundamentals and have fun. There are no team records, league standings, playoffs, trophies or championships.

Introduction: In the Instructional program, players learn to play Softball on a small field focusing on learning positions, fielding, throwing and hitting by coach pitch. All players should learn the standard nine positions defensively. Parent/players can expect One practices a week and 1 game per week over the course of the regular season which extends from April to June. Games are used for instructional purposes. Two Managers and Head Coach will be on the field of play. Runs and game scores are not counted. There are no division standings, playoffs at the end of the season for Instructional. There is an 8U All Star for 8 year olds that will be moving to the next division.

What is expected from Players?

  • Players will learn the basics of the hitting, throwing and fielding.
  • Players will learn the ready step, prepared to field the ball, learning what to do if the ball is hit to them.
  • Players will learn how to be coached and to be a member of a team.
  • Players will learn by practicing drills, throwing around the bases, hitting off the "tee", fielding ground balls and pop-ups with cut-offs.
  • Players will learn to hit soft toss, and coach pitch.
  • Players will develop hand-eye coordination and bat swing-techniques without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball.
  • Players will develop an awareness of fielding positions.
  • Players will develop throwing overhand with proper mechanics, building arm strength and accuracy.


What is expected from Volunteers & Coaches

  • Parents need to complete a background check by Mid-March. Please check the Volunteer Page and utilize the Volunteer Form.  There is no cost for the back ground check.
  • Parents Volunteers should participate in the League Safety Meeting and Coach preparation sessions.  Please check the League Calendar.
  • Parent Managers and Coaches should learn how to run a good practice with drills.
  • Parent Managers and Coaches must treat the girls all the same and have positive approach when teaching the girls.
  • Parent Managers and Coaches should be encourage the girls to enjoy the fun of softball.
  • Parent Managers and Coaches will be given a roster of players with contact information.
  • All player information is confidential and not to be given out to anyone or used for any other purpose than to afford team practices and games.



SEASON: The games will start in early April following Opening Day Ceremonies.  There will be a couple of practices prior to Opening Day. Rookie League players can expect to play about 10 games, weather permitting. Practices will be once per week with one or two games per week.

PRACTICES:  Practice time will be organized so that all players are involved and moving.

RAIN/CANCELLATIONS:  Vice President or Coaches are responsible for making a joint decision to play or cancel games due to rain or wet conditions.

ON THE FIELD COACHING: Coaches will be on the field to help coach the defense. The coach Pitching and two base coaches may help the offense.

SCORES/STANDINGS: No official game score is kept during games, and there are no Rookie league standings.


Opening day through April 21st:

Player pitches, after 3 pitches, offensive Coach pitch - 6 pitches maximum.  If player doesn’t hit after 6th pitch, use of batting tee is required.   Pitcher must remain in pitcher’s circle in a position not forward of the coach. Coach is allowed to stay on field when player is pitching, to speed game up.

April 22nd through end of season: Player pitches, after 3 pitches, offensive coach to pitch to batter, pitcher must remain in pitcher’s circle in a position not forward of the coach.   Batter either hits or strikes out.  Pitcher returns for next batter and procedure repeated.   Coach is allowed to stay on field when player is pitching, to speed game up.

POSITIONS: All players must be given the opportunity to play every position equally throughout the season. Coaches will let the players know that they will take turns playing infield and outfield during each game. 

Stealing: 3 steal attempts of any combination of 2nd or 3rd base is allowed per inning. Steals of home are NOT allowed. Also, steals are not permitted if coach is pitching.

Other Base running: Runners may not advance on an overthrow.

Batting: All players present for the game must be in the batting order each inning. Each player should bat in his or her respective spot in the batting order. Bunts are not permitted. If a player hits the ball to the outfield then the run may take the chance to go to second Base. Complete inning will be 4 runs or 3 outs per side throughout the season.

Time Limits: Rookie’s time limit is 1.5 hours.

Recognition: If the team manager's wish to give the children a small token of accomplishment at the end of the season this small token must be agreed upon by the division VP and all teams must provide the same token.  There should be no individual MVP or similar type awards.

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